About Me

IMG_6841Wife to Captain Awesome, Mummy to Jemima (sleeping till Jesus’ return) and Gemma.  Living in windy Wellington, NZ with our cat Kitty.  I love beautiful things, simplicity, minimalism, theology and anything that builds community.  I am currently (finally!) enjoying Stay-At-Home-Mum life having spent the past working years primary teaching and in paid ministry at my church. Years ago a friend wrote this poem and I’ve always treasured it as a source of comfort and inspiration.  (It’s the reason behind the name ‘My Bright Room’):


People say

That dreams are fragile

And yes, I guess

Sometimes they are

But not mine. No

My dreams are strong

As steel

My dreams are bright

As gold

And I dream like a cloud

But I fall like the rain

And I hurt like a god

Then I smile                         again

I really don’t think you know

(My bright room of lightning)

I will live before I die


  • – Rochelle Bews

Sometimes I get the urge to write…  So this blog is a wee space for me to do that.  Thanks for stopping by.

Emma x